Guangzhou Limo Service provide limousine transportation from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities in Guangdong province.

Private limo door-to-door transfer service in Canton

We provide you with the perfect vehicle for your venue, the most experienced professional chauffeurs around, and an unparalleled level of customized, luxury executive car service.

Terms & Conditions

Whether business or personal, our range of services ensures that all our clients’ needs are catered for providing the ultimate in refined chauffeur provision. We will get you to your destination comfortably, safely, affordable and always on-time!

1. Terms of use

By using , you agree to be legally bound by these terms, which shall take effect immediately.

If you do not agree to be legally bound by all the following Conditions, please do not access and/or use Guangzhou Limo Service products, services, booking tools or websites.

2. Your undertakings and obligations when taking a Guangzhou Limo Service

It is your responsibility, for services beginning at airports, stations or ports, to ensure that you locate and wait for your Driver or Representative at the meeting point in the arrival area.

It is your responsibility, should you not be able to locate your Driver or Representative at the start of a service, to call the relevant telephone number as shown on your confirmation email or SMS before making alternative arrangements. You acknowledge that failure to do so may be treated as a “no show” and no refund will be made.

It is your responsibility, for services beginning from accommodation, hotels, offices or public places to ensure that you are waiting at the appointed meeting point at or before the confirmed pick up time.

It is your responsibility, for services where you have luggage with you to ensure that you inform our staff so that a large enough vehicle is booked to accommodate all luggage. If you bring extra luggage that cannot fit in the vehicle, you will need to cover any additional costs incurred in transferring your luggage.

It is your responsibility for to choose and book a start time that allows sufficient time for the journey to take place or the formalities to be completed in good time.

It is your responsibility to declare in advance any Dangerous Goods that will be carried, and you (i) acknowledges that Guangzhou Limo Service is under no obligation to provide Services to a Customer in possession of such Dangerous Goods, and you (ii) agree to indemnify Guangzhou Limo Service against and hold Guangzhou Limo Service harmless from any penalty, loss, damage, claim, cost or expense which Guangzhou Limo Service may incur directly or indirectly as a result of any breech of this requirement

3. Product & Service modifications

Guangzhou Limo Service may substitute the indicated vehicle type, model or brand, but in such a case one will be provided of similar or better quality.

The Service will normally begin on Meeting.

The Service will normally end when drops you off or leaves you.

Notwithstanding this, for some non-fixed price ride services will begin and end when the vehicle used leaves and returns to its operating base.

Guangzhou Limo Service will endeavour to ensure Delivery at any time specified by you, but the exact time of Delivery cannot be guaranteed and shall not be of the essence.

4. Pricing & Inclusions/Exclusions

Prices are based on the local currency tariff at the time of quoting, and are converted into the displayed currency at the prevailing foreign-exchange rate as determined by Guangzhou Limo Service.

Price quotations and price tables may change without notice until a booking is confirmed. If an material amendment is accepted to a booked Service the amended price will use the exchange rates and tariffs subsisting at the time of change and additional charges may be payable.

The base price quoted at the time of booking will include all knowable charges for the Service that has been booked. If you direct the driver, the representative or Guangzhou Limo Service to change the booked Service, or if you are delayed then additional charges may apply, including "out of hours" surcharges if the Service takes place outside the Guangzhou Limo Service’s normal hours as a result of the change or delay.

Prices do not include discretionary tips/gratuities to representatives drivers or local guides; or passport and visa fees; or baggage and personal insurance.

5. Payment

The rate presented to you prior to your trip is an initial estimate of the cost of service as reserved. Wait time or additional services may change your rate.

The rates are based on hourly OR kilometers charges, whichever rate is greater, from the time the vehicle leaves its home garage until it returns to its home garage.

6. Cancellation, amendments and variations

If the Booked Service is amended, cancelled before the Meeting time, or is varied during is performance (together a “Change”) then Guangzhou Limo Service may require payment of additional fees.

The job starts when the driver/representative Meets the passenger (except as aforementioned in the case of some hourly charter hires).

Any charge incurred due to a Change before the start will be billed and collected from by Guangzhou Limo Service from the nominated credit/charge card.

Any charge due to a Change incurred after the start will be collected by the driver/representative

Example of Changes include (i) the passenger requesting stop offs, drop offs, a different route, or the Driver to wait, and (ii) circumstances such as a flight being delayed, cancelled, or changed, or the start time changing to be in the night surcharge period.

If as a result of the Change additional waiting or driving time, additional toll or parking charges, night surcharges or other unanticipated costs are due then the Driver/Representative will inform the Passenger that an additional charge is/will be payable; and will collect payment from the Passenger in cash, and on request will issue a receipt for the additional amount collected.

In the event that the Passenger is unable or unwilling to pay such additional charge, the Service Provider may refuse to perform the Service or the requested variation to the Booked Service.

In the event of a dispute the Passenger must make a full written report of the incident leading to the dispute and Guangzhou Limo Service will investigate.

For all Rides, the first 10 minutes of waiting after the pick up time will free of charge. For Airport arrival pick ups the first 30 minutes or more of waiting starting 15 minutes after the actual landing time will be free of charge.

If, less than a certain number of hours before the Start Time a Ride is cancelled, or is materially amended, or is materially reduced in value, or is materially delayed by the Passenger a Change fee will be charged to the Passenger by the Guangzhou Limo Service as follows

  • If the Change is accepted more than 24 hours - nil - no Change fee
  • If the Change is accepted between 24 and 12 hours at least 50% of the job value
  • If the Change is accepted less than 12 hours - 100% of the job value

Amendment or cancellation will only be deemed valid and made when a confirmation e-mail acceptance is sent by Guangzhou Limo Service to the requested e-mail address.

Insurance: We strongly recommend that you purchase a comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy prior to departure covering charges you will incur in the event of delays or changes to flights, changes in airport conditions, extended driving times and lost or damaged baggage.

7. Complaints & disputes

Any complaint or dispute regarding the supply of a service should be notified to Guangzhou Limo Service in writing by email within 1 month of the date the booked Meeting time. It may not be possible to investigate any complaint received more than 1 month after the date of the supply of the service.

8. Additional charges

Additional charges Tolls, parking, phone usage and other surcharges that cannot be calculated prior to service are not included in the estimate. Surface Transportation Charge (STC) is a surcharge based upon various overhead expenses, some of which may not relate to your specific trip. The STC is not necessarily charged to all customers and it is ordinarily calculated as a flat percentage of your base charge, and may vary subject to level of usage

9. Cancellation and changes

To change or cancel a reservation, please email only. Cancellations must be received at least 6 hours in advance of the service pick-up time for China locations. For all reservations, please check your confirmation for the specific cancellation policy, which is determined by your city of service and vehicle type. Acharge will apply for a late cancellation( 50% of the invoice value will be charged for cancellations made less than 12 hrs before scheduled pick up. Cancellations made in excess of 24 hours will not incur any charge. No shows will be charged the full reservation fare).

If you experience difficulty locating your chauffeur, please contact us via email or send message by mobile. Leaving your pick-up location without notifying Guangzhou Limo Service may result in a "no-show" charge.

Your use of Guangzhou Limo Service's services indicates your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.